Financial Planning

Deciding how best to invest your money can be daunting. With so many options available and so many uncertainties, how do you choose what’s right for you?
Our job is to eliminate as much of that uncertainly as possible and to work with you to identify the most appropriate way for you to achieve your financial goals.
The Plutus Investment Committee process is designed with that in mind. It creates a framework for us to discuss your needs and expectations, to assess and agree your attitude to risk and then to build and manage an investment portfolio to match.
By working through a series of logical steps, you will gain a better understanding of the reasoning behind our recommendations and confidence in the resulting choice of investments.

Strategic Consultancy

Whether a financial company is considering restructuring, merging with another business or extending into a new line of business, we offer our services simply attaching ourselves into the executive and supervisory ranks of our clients. We bring in our global experience in similar situations to create a successful outcome. We work through all aspects of execution, adding value for the company, employees, shareholders and for the society.

Capital Markets

Our team provides innovative and accurate support on all aspects of raising capital or debt, including valuation, structuring, investor targeting, intermediary selection and execution. We use conventional instruments as well as alternative methods to help our clients reach their targets. Starting with objective assessment of each client’s unique profile, we work closely with them to identify optimal transaction alternatives. We leverage our deep understanding of banking and finance to assist our clients, choosing the appropriate method of capital raising and making rewarding tactical decisions.


Technology is changing everything around us, including itself with an unmatched pace. We believe that financial services industry has to evolve not only to keep up with the contemporary world, but also take upon itself a leading position in this quest. We provide industry insight, product development support, assistance on choosing solution partners and management services to fintech companies either they are start-ups or already functioning businesses with an aspiration to excel.